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As Dempo Gıda we manufacture and supply packing products, synthetic bags, synthetic bag, sacks, sack, synthetic sack, synthetic sacks, coal sacks, agriculture sacks, wheat sacks, food sacks, pet product packs, packing product, coal sack, agriculture sack, wheat sack, food sack, pet product pack, laminated coal bags, synthetic coal bags, synthetic agriculture bags, laminated agriculture bags, opp agriculture bags, pp kraft agriculture bags, synthetic wheat bags, opp wheat bags, pp kraft wheat bags, synthetic food bags... Being established in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone in 1997, our company actualizes the production of synthetic yarn and bags with the annual capacity of 60 million pieces of bags in total 25000 m² area, 8000 m² of which is indoor, with its latest system machinery and staff who are all specialist in their own fields. It renders service to the agriculture and construction sectors with its yarn group which is manufactured multi-purposed besides the products which are used as packing material in various fields mainly with coal, food, feed, flour and fertilizer sectors starting from the chemicals to the textile materials. Our company realizes the production of natural, white, transparent synthetic sacks at nay requested colors, sizes and weight. Operating with the principle "The guaranty of success and sustainability in production is the honesty and quality in servicing", Dempo Synthetic Bags will continue to render servicing you today and in future. Taking the most reasonable and the fastest solution to the needs and demands of the customers with the customer focused working principle and without giving any concession from the quality principle as a mission, our company believes to add value to the trademarks of the customers with the products it has produced.

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Europe, USA, Middle East

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Established Date: 1997  Tax Office: Selçuk  Tax Number: 2910094529  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Ali POLAT